Who We Are

The Personal Renaissance Project is a creative partnership between the Mural Arts Program and the Department of Behavioral Health to address the impact that addiction and recovery have upon individuals, families, and communities. The parallel paths of addiction and recovery have a deep impact on citizens in Philadelphia, regardless of the nature of one’s own relationship to either addiction and/or recovery. This project seeks to challenge participants to examine the role addiction and/or recovery plays in their lives – which is ultimately a deeply personal story for each of us. Through multiple creative processes, including poetry workshops, the mural itself, documentary photography, and a book, the Personal Renaissance Project recognizes that both addiction and recovery are cyclical processes, non-linear journeys that are intimate and shared. A renaissance infers a transformation, a resurgent shift from “what used to be” into new growth; individually and as diverse communities, we seek to create safe spaces in Philadelphia for a renaissance of the spirit for all of us impacted by addiction and recovery.

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